Episode 20 | Subscription Accelerator™ Part 4: 15 New & Easy Publishing Tactics To Boost Your Subscription Revenue

Pete and Jeremy discuss 15 easy ways to boost your subscription revenue as part 4 of the Subscription Accelerator™.

1. Hide ads from your subscribers
Ad Dropper

2. Have a donation level
Name Your Price

3. Open up classified posting to Leaky Paywall subscribers
lp shortcode help doc

4. Sell one off acccess to content via Pay Per Post
Pay Per Post

5. Gift Subscriptions should be 20% of your subscriptions
Gift Subscriptions

6. Reduce your subscription offerings to one
Give users less options to elimate choice overload and make it easy

7. Group Subscriptions to a business, school, library, or organization
Group Subscriptions
IP Access
Corporate Subscriptions

8. Sell sponsorships to photo galleries
Add watermark of sponsor to the photo

9. Get realtors to sponsor your local news site with a coupon code
LP Coupons

10. Get a sponsor for a free level registration
- on subscribe card, in welcome email, on site messaging
Ad Dropper
Conditional Display Notices

11. Block incognito browsing
IP blocker
- needs update for bots

12. Private podcasts
Multiple Welcome Emails plugin
Put audio behind lp shortcode in a post

13. Sell Premium Archive Access with a timewall

14. Upsell products on the registration page

15. Sell a family plan
Group accounts

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