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37 | Is Your Free Registration Hurting Your Paid Subscriptions?

Peter and Tyler discuss free registrations and if they are hurting your paid subscriptions.

35 | It’s your subscriber. It’s time to control your data.

Pete and Tyler discuss the importance of owning your subscriber data. 

34 | Special Episode: WordPress Publisher Sessions

A repost of the first WordPress Publisher Sessions recording. Learn how to grow community and revenue with newsletters.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ly9SVpMJwhM&ab_c...

33 | Subscriber Behavior: What insights do you need?

Pete and Tyler discuss what kind of data you should be looking at to make informed decisions about your publication subscriptions.

32 | Predictions for 2023

In today's episode Pete and Tyler discuss their 2023 predictions for publishers and digital subscriptions.

31 | How to easily produce a premium newsletter to your paid subscribers

Target your free and premium subscribers in your newsletters so you can optimize your messaging based on audience type. Watch the webinar video on YouTubehttps://yout...

30 | It’s time for your website to stop annoying your readers

Pete and Tyler discuss 7 ways you can make your website less annoying and create a better reader experience.

29 | How your paywall helps you build relationships with your readers

It might sound counterintuitive, but a paywall can be a helpful tool in building relationships with your readers.

28 | Will your paywall kill your website traffic? (and ad revenue)

Are you a publisher nervous about implementing a paywall? Today Pete and Tyler discuss what to expect with traffic and ad revenue when you turn on your paywall.

27 | How would WE build a local news publication?

Pete and Tyler discuss how they would build a local news publication from the ground up.

26 | Should you take donations or sell subscriptions/memberships?

In part 2 of our series about local news success, Pete and Tyler answer the question "Should I take donations or sell subscriptions/memberships?".

25 | How to succeed digitally with local news: An interview with Tyler Channel

Pete talks with Tyler Channel of the Paywall Project about to how to succeed digitally with local news.

24 | Should you offer a subscription level that hides ads?

Today Pete answers the question: Should you offer a subscription level that hides ads?

Ep 23 | How many articles should you give away for free on your publication's website?

Pete talks about how many free articles you should set your meter to before locking down the content on your publication.

Episode 22 | How to Monetize Your Free Registration Level

Pete discusses the 5 ways to monetize your free registration level.

Episode 21 | Fix these 10 things on your paywall now

Pete and Tyler discuss quick and easy ways to fix your paywall and increase your paid subscriptions.

Episode 20 | Subscription Accelerator™ Part 4: 15 New & Easy Publishing Tactics To Boost Your Subscription Revenue

Pete and Jeremy discuss 15 easy ways to boost your subscription revenue as part 4 of the Subscription Accelerator™.

Episode 19 | Subscription Accelerator™ Part 3: Converting Casual Readers to Paid Subscribers

Learn how your publication can convert free and casual readers into paying subscribers.

Episode 18 | Subscription Accelerator™ Part 2: The Email Newsletter

In this episode, Pete and Jeremy discuss the email newsletter for news and magazine publishers.

Episode 17 | Subscription Accelerator™ Part 1: The Free Subscription Level

We discuss the new ZEEN101 Subscription Accelerator™ and how you can use it to build your email list and grow subscriptions.

Episode 16 | 7 ways to successfully sell corporate, group, and bulk subscriptions

We discuss 7 ways to successfully sell corporate, group, and bulk subscriptions with Leaky Paywall.

Episode 14 | Easy ways to level up your website to build paid subscriptions - Part 2

Part 2 covers targeting the existing subscribers that you have, both free and paid.

Episode 13 | Easy ways to level up your website to build paid subscriptions - Part 1

So what's next? Learn easy ways to level up your website to build paid subscriptions.

Episode 12 | Interview with Greg Grisolano of Land Line Media

In this episode Pete interviews Greg Grisolano, Digital Content Editor of Land Line Media. ZEEN101 helped Land Line rebuild the LandLine.media website. Greg discusses ...

Episode 11 | Paid subscriptions and virtual conferences with Hal Niedzviecki of Broken Pencil Magazine

An interview with Hal Niedzviecki of Broken Pencil Magazine discussing lessons in paid subscriptions and with his his first ever virtual conference.

Episode 10 | Interview with Wally Wallace of 50Fish on Social Media Marketing

On today's episode Pete and Wally discuss social media marketing and how it relates to digital publishing.

Episode 9 | Exciting Things We've Been Working On

Today we are talking about exciting stuff we are working on. Looking back to 2020, we released 14 add-ons to our Leaky Paywall platform. We work on so many interestin...

Episode 8 | Local News Publishers: Subscriptions vs. Memberships vs. Donations

In today's episode we discuss whether you as a publisher should sell memberships, subscriptions, or ask for donations. In coversations over the last few months, we...

Episode 7 | Interview with Todd Moen of Catch Magazine

In this episode Jeremy interviews Todd Moen of Catch Magazine, the official journal of fly fishing photography and film. The discuss the ups and downs of building a d...

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