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Episode 6 | Interview with Greg Wolfe on magazine renewals and gift subscription strategies

Today Pete interviews Greg Wolfe of 4 String Media about how to generate more profits from your existing subscribers through some tactical methodology.

Episode 5 | How to generate more paid subscriptions with promotions

Today we discuss 10 different promotion ideas you can use right now for the upcoming holiday season.

Episode 4 | Interview with Street Photography Magazine

Join us as Pete interviews Bob at Street Photography Magazine about their subscription journey as an online magazine publisher.

Episode 3 | 6 Examples of Successful Publication & Product Launches

In today's show we discuss 6 different publishers that have launched new publications and products. Learn strategies and tactics that you can use in your own publicat...

Episode 2 | How to set up your paywall to convert more paying subscribers

Today we talk about the strategy to setting up your paywall. Learn about the top four approaches to building your email lists and converting paid subscribers. We also...

Episode 1 | Why have a paywall?

On today's episode we discuss why a publisher should have a paywall on their website.

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